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These are some of our previous productions. Click to have a look.

Off The Curb Productions creates films of all genres using available resources to maximum effect. We believe the core of every good film must be a good story, and telling that story is best achieved by knowledge of how to fully utilize talent and resources.

THE USHER - Trailer

The Usher

An usher's dream of going on stage comes true.

The Cupcake

A fun little short with Jessica Chamberlain.

Waiting for Lift-Off

A short emotive piece on space.

SHAM PAIN - What an actor's life is really like.

Episode 1 - Dating Bob Crow

Karen and Pete ruminate on how difficult it is to date.

Episode 2 - Navigating Culture

Karen is trying to become more cleverer.

Episode 3 - Freebies

The evil that is flyering and Karen got a part in a film.


Mimes are evil



What to do when you've got a breakdown

Marriage 101

You know he's a keeper when...


Your little son is a monster. No really...

Good TV

How to better your TV experience

Spy Bitches

An unexpected end

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